Community gardeninag logo, in full color, featuring graphic design representations of a tomato stalk, lighthouse and Potomac River
WFX New Logo Redesign
CYA full color logo which has been designed as a sword and shield motif

Primary Logo

A secondary logo that is a typographic solution

Secondary Logo

Cycling Class Instructor Logo
Logo for youth basketball organization on purple background
Logo for public speaking club which is an abstract water fountain that is rendered like a podium
Consulting company logo
Financial offering logo
Logo gridded to show how free space is determined around the logo

Realtors Logo | Palm Springs, CA

Alternative stacking for a whimsical communications consultant logo that incorporates a fish illustration as "Fish" is part of the last name
Logo for writer
Logo design for data technology company
Community association logo
Law firm logo
Instagram branding
Logo for cause to donate used sports equipment
Logo used for an energy initiative
Youth Field
Fundraiser dinner event logo to raise funds for rescued dogs
Special event logo for a dog rescue organization
Dog rescue fundraising event logo
Wood pellet logo
Nature photography site logo
Special anniversary logo for nonprofit organization

Anniversary typography designed and added to existing logo

Rockstar theme logo typography

"ROCKSTAR" Fundraising Event Typography

Marketing tool kit logo
Employee incentive program logo
Logo for home builder
Logo for medical supply company
Logo for employee data management program
Intranet site for employee data management program
Conference logo featuring pottery influenced by Native American artistry
Conference theme program cover and interior title page
Conference theme program divider pages
E-learning foundation logo
Teachers' workshop themed logo
Teachers' workshop completion certificate design
Car registration business logo
Car registration business logo on letterhead
Elementary school breakfast  program themed logo
Elementary school lunch program themed logo
Elementary school lunch program toolkit program cover
Youth poetry event logo
Event invitation postcard
Fundraiser musical event logo
Content management company logo
Content management company letterhead
Sales team incentive program logo
Sales team incentive program packaging
Employee sales pitch logo
Employee sales pitch packaging

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