Front cover, of dual Impact and Annual Report, featuring image of a Tube-lipped tailless bat getting nectar from a flower
Front and back cover featuring image of a Tube-lipped tailless bat getting nectar from a flower
Introduction spread featuring a background image of a workshop of people in planning stages and a quote about civil society organizations
Spread featuring a question and answer format for interview conducted with a long term conservation partner
TOC featuring a backdrop photo of Son-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan.
About the organization spread and featuring a colorful image of a butterfly on a plant
Executive Summary spread featuring statistics and a photo of a frog on a flower
Partnership spread featuring summaries of supporting organizations and a full page photo of Sarus Cranes
Spread featuring funding statistics of various hotspots on a global map
Introduction spread to the Impact Report featuring stats about distribution of funds amongst four pillars
Pillar 1 intro featuring charts and a photo of a Fossa
Another spread with chart details and photos of a Ophryophryne hansi and a Lotus flower
Story spread discussing community-based fisheries in Cambodia
Spread featuring more chart and a photo of a farming area in Indonesia
Story page describing management of Doran Lake in North Macedonia as well as a page with stats about conservation action
Story page about vultures in Cambodia and a full page image of a Brown capuchin monkey
Spread highlighting various species such as the greater adjutant (stork), Egyptian tortoises, Antiguan Racer, Andean cat, Semirechensk Salamander, and seagrass in North Sulawesi
Pillar 2 intro spread with chart and photo of people conducting field work in Tunisia
Spread of charts and image of student interns collecting seagrass data in Indonesia
Story spread about mediterranean conservation efforts for sea turtles with an image of a Loggerhead turtle
Pillar 3 intro with charts and image of women weaving baskets in Madagascar
Story page about mud crab management in Indonesia
Spread with charts illustrating benefits to communities and a full page photo of a ranger in the forest examining a tree
Spread for ecosystem restoration highlights with stories for wetlands in Central Asia, restoration of abandoned terraces in Lebanon, and restoring reefs in Indonesia
Pillar 4 intro spread with charts and featuring an image of a fish market in Myanmar
Story page about conserving biodiversity while boosting business in Colombia
Spread listing out Global Biodiversity Framework in table format
Introductory spread to Annual Report section featuring image of locals harvesting wheat in Morocco
Photo spread collage as intro to Year in Review featuring Aigul-Tash Nature Reserve, Kyrgyzstan; Snow lotus in Kyrgyzstan; Pallas’s cat in the the high-mountain ridges of Ala-Belia, Issyk-Kul Region; a butterfly on wild apricot in Chui Province; and a local forest guardian
Spread for Year in Review section with articles on Dominican Republic, Mediterranean and the new Global Framework set for 2030 targets
Approved grants opening spread listing all the investments around the world
Additional spread of approved grants showing some more investment listings
Intro section to listing out the grantee partners
Financial summary and statement of activity spread
Spread listing out the people on the donor council and other implementation teams
Last spread to the report which is an annex of the global monitoring framework

Development of perspective lines used throughout the report

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